A little about me and my Ghostwriting.

Many years ago I was an Engineer in Hi-Tech and Aerospace manufacturing.

I started writing Speculative Fiction in 2008 as a learning experience in the Writing Craft. After some of my SpecFic stories were published, I decided to transition into Ghostwriting. That decision was easy because I find writing about real people to be personally much more rewarding than it is to invent fictional heroes and heroines based on my own life experiences.

The main character (that’s you) has an inner journey that shows up in outward actions. Those are all there in your memory for the telling. It’s all real events, thoughts and feelings. They occurred in the real world where we all live. The struggles and strength to overcome them, the trials you experienced and virtues you used to overcome them were real.

Your Actual Life Story shows the tested and proved values, virtues and life skills you developed coping with life’s challenges. Almost everyone is drawn to that kind of story about another heroic struggle of surviving in this world. This is life experience worth preserving, because others learn from your mistakes, failures and successes. If they’re truly paying attention, your experience may show them how how they can live their own lives better.

I retired from ordinary work a few years ago.  Long story short, I felt drawn to write for  ordinary folks with interesting or instructive life stories. People like you, or your neighbor, who have a story that should be preserved for posterity. However, like most folks, you’re too busy or you don’t think you write well enough to do it yourself.

I’m all about preserving your valuable life experiences for generations yet to come. It’s your story. To anyone else, you are the Author. Me, I’m the Ghost at the keyboard, invisible to the reader.

My favored writing style is ‘First Person Deep Point of View’. That’s writer Jargon that means I try to write your biography as if it were a novel. Deep Point of View put’s the reader in your head and heart to see and feel the things you experienced. That makes your life more real to them, it’s as if they go through the trials and victories with you. As a result they’re less likely to forget.

In a sense, this potentially makes you a life coach to many folks you may never meet. That just might make a big difference in the world for good. IMHO that’s the best kind of human leverage we can get.

Since I work with ordinary people the terms of any contract or letter of understanding is negotiable. I’m not in it for the big bucks, like the celebrity Ghostwriters. If you can’t afford much, and I think your story is sufficiently compelling that it should be preserved, I might do it On-Spec for a split of the royalties with shared expenses. Shared risk, shared reward. (see the Blog Page for more on that.)

Celebrity Ghostwriters finish the manuscript, hand it over and get paid. Depending on our agreement I’ll help get it set up to self publish through Amazon and/or the other online e-publishers (higher % Author royalties).

Do you prefer Paper books?

All the online e-sites do ‘Publish on Demand’ (POD). Anyone can choose Paper or an e-Format (Kindle, Mobi, etc) in the purchase screen.

Truth be known I believe that the big name publishers are starting  to do POD as well, behind the scenes, since it limits their book production risk.


So,  give me a Call, leave a Blog Comment or shoot me an email from the Contact Page.

Let’s talk about the story of your life and how to get it published to the world.

Note: if you choose a Blog Comment, keep the detail in the comment to a minimum since this is a public site.

Cheers and God Bless



dave    😉