The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

A Thought at the start of the Journey;

Testing the waters of serious website stuff for the first time. Please be kind.


After the initial plunge I want to say that I have nothing but respect for those of my fellow writers who host helpful, informative blogs with new posts every month, or week.


Ghostwriting is the ultimate example of of Discrete Freelance Services.


As a result I’m not really sure how I’ll use this Blog in the near term. A Ghostwriter is invisible to the public. I will be working in the background. Under ordinary circumstances my name will never see the light of day on current or previous Ghostwriting projects. My client is the Author, I’m just the Ghost at the Keyboard who makes the Biography appear.


If I agree to take up an On-Spec Project (Ghostwriting Fees waived for a percentage of the royalties) I may want an Assistant credit after the Authors name; but that depends on the terms that my client and I agree upon.


If you have any insight on this feel free to leave a comment.



I’m still doing the Build-Out on this site.

In the future I believe that the Blog will become more useful since I hope to have a portion of this Site dedicated so some of my published stories and Poems.


Eventually, I also plan another section, or perhaps another website, with some of the Writer Training stuff that I’ve found most helpful personally. I worked up some simplified graphics based on these to use coaching other writers.


As for right now I’m focused on completing the first part of a major Ghostwriting project in process.


I am willing to look at some Ghostwriting projects for the future.

If you wish to discuss something about Ghostwriting or wish for clarification on something related to this site,  please leave me a comment below.


Hope to see you again. Here or in the Air.



dave 😉